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“Japanese people love when foreigners can belt out their songs (the older it is, the louder they’ll react) so get your practice in early.

Karaoke groups are also a great way to make friends.” She tells you .

Searching for images in Japanese will also tell you a lot about the Japanese society as a whole.

The results will be different from your language’s search because that culture will be reflected.” Nice! Don’t study the written basics without some supervision Why not?

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This means ploughing through pages of books and manga, hours of dialogue, and conversation practice forgetting more words than remembering them.If you like playing video games, watching movies or even playing sports, simply make sure you do all those things in Japanese and/or with Japanese people (I played with a soccer team made up entirely of Japanese students plus me; too bad I don’t like soccer).You could go running and play Japanese music while you do it…there’s enough stuff out there for all your tastes.” 7. Judith Meyer got in touch to offer some ideas for what to do when that happens: “If you’re having an off day or if your brain is already tired of studying, see if you might be able to watch Japanese videos, for example your favourite anime.Be formal and polite in Japan wrote to me from Japan with a different point of view: “Learn the -masu and polite forms before the casual ones otherwise you may end up like some people in here who speak to the university teachers like they do with their friends.” [Which of these two views do you agree with? Some popular anime (popular in America at least, and mostly reserved for little boys in Japan) uses the kind of language which is in the real world almost exclusively reserved for Yakuza.Using that in polite company will make you look like a big foreign jerk.” 14.Don’t sit around wasting time entering and reviewing what you’ve already seen, just get more, more, and MORE STUFF!!!You’ll be surprised at how much just seems to stick somehow like osmosis.There’s a lot more to learning songs than just the words As a way into a Japanese community, focus on learning songs that are relevant to your age group.“Karaoke is basically the unofficial national sport,” says Jessica Aves.The limiting factor is no longer access, but motivation.” John’s written a guide on how to learn Japanese that is sent me this contribution: “Controversial as this may be, and as much as others will definitely disagree with me, I highly recommend avoiding learning Kanji for the initial months (not always) if your goals in the language are more spoken based.If you are more focused on reading, ignore this tip, but working through just Kana (and Romaji) means that I have almost the same amount of work I’d have to learn a non-related European language to get to the same spoken level.” 5.

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