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In a way, that mindset played into our decision to sign with a major label and tour the world. My dad’s a musician and a writer, and he played the stuff I still listen to, the Talking Heads, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones.It’s almost like we’re playing with our lives, and I don’t think people realize that. We wrote Time to Pretend as these little guys at a private school talking about owning islands and dating models and, all of the sudden, we’re playing the song on David Letterman. In high school, I was in a band called Accidental Mersh -- it kind of sounds like a euphemism for pooping your pants -- and it was the classic high-school funk band.He came from a small town in upstate New York, I came from Memphis, and since the school was full of people from New York City, people who were super-hip and knew about cool music, we bonded playing synthesizers and being weird together, walking around this little town.MGMT only played one or two shows off-campus; mostly we played parties in dorms.Neither is asking for, or offering to send, nudes (unless they were not discussed first).Insulting other women, while looking for a woman, won’t help your chances of finding someone.It starts out as a joke, then you realize it’s not a joke, it’s your whole life and you’re on the road and you’ve become part of this whole other thing. I thought of it as something fun to do before I went to college and studied environmental science.At Wesleyan, Ben and I were in the same dorm complex and were in similar boats.

He met her nine years ago when his success with So Solid Crew was at its height and he was crazy about her.

When someone says online dating, one of the first sites that comes to mind is Ok Cupid.

Plentyof Fish is perhaps the most popular online dating sites out there, with an estimated 6 million pageviews a month and 76 million users (a little less than the entire population of Turkey).

Don’t be this guy and send this as your first message to a woman.

Continuing to be horrible did not dissuade any of them.

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