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Corey, 35, strenuously denies the claims of assault made by his partner.Audrina, 32, requested a temporary restraining order against her husband on Monday, which the court granted, and filed for divorce on Wednesday.She also revealed she dumped Corey to get him off the show."I told him, 'We're going to film one more time, I'm going to kind of let you go because I don't want to involve you in what's going on or about to happen,'" she told .Fast forward nine years and Audrina has filed for divorce and accused the Australian athlete of domestic violence involving their 15-month-old daughter Kirra.Audrina, 32, has yet to speak out about her split, but she is reportedly "devastated" by the incident.

Bohan, according to a new court filing, has also allegedly added cameras to the property "to keep [Partridge] under surveillance."Bohan's response to Patridge's court filing claims that her father and brother have been "harassing" him by showing up at the property, "trying to instigate a fight." He also disputes the number of cameras installed, which he says she knew about months before their split.The couple have a 15-month-old daughter, Kirra Max, and have been together since 2008, two years after Audrina joined The Hills.Corey hasn't featured in one of Audrina's regular Instagram snaps since August 8, though she did post an ad endorsement featuring them both enjoying a "summer date night" on August 30.She's also competed on Dancing With The Stars in 2010, voiced a Family Guy character and appeared in Scary Movie 5.have been following Audrina Patridge's relationship with her now estranged husband Corey Bohan since their very first date, which just happened to be filmed for the MTV series.lum cited irreconcilable differences in her filing, following an alleged domestic violence incident, and has also requested a temporary restraining order and child abduction prevention order against the professional BMX dirt bike rider.Audrina and Corey tied the knot in November last year, and are parents to daughter Kirra Max, who was born in 24 June 2016.“Over the years Audrina has had many instances where she’s been scared [by Corey] but she finally felt she couldn’t deal with the emotional abuse and fear any longer,” a source told .“She realized that she needed to end things for good.He also won every X-Games Dirt event from 2004-2006 and is currently sponsored by Red Bull.The athlete has a lot of ink on his body — and it's mostly inspired by his love of biking. "On my left arm is a street scene of kids hanging out, riding bikes and causing trouble.

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  1. In the immediate aftermath of John Ritter’s death, it was hard to take issue with ABC’s decisions, since execs were thrust into an untenable situation.