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I'm newly single, so it's a little frustrating. One of the boys that I'm dating right now has no tattoos. I like when he seems to be really into it, and really excited, and that just kind of makes me really happy as a person. I'm a river guide in Idaho and Montana, and I'm also a vintage-clothing-store owner. The dating scene in Austin is pretty good, when you're dating. If they don't like that, they probably don't like me. Probably because I don't do much approaching anymore, unless I'm severely into that person. Using Tinder while traveling across Europe and America really drove that point home.Then it dawned on me: What if I could quantify my findings?

Although it’s a safe bet there’s still plenty of love out there for the kitties. Especially among young people, it's very varied. They just know that they're still going to be together for however long they're going to be. I know some people who have been together for five, six years, and they don't even think about talking about marriage. But I also kind of like really wild-looking guys, who look like they maybe ride a motorcycle, and drink whiskey, and like to get in fights, and stuff like that. There are also people who really love long-term relationships. I'm kind of a sucker for nerds with glasses who read books by themselves in restaurants and stuff. RELATED: 10 Things Tinder Profile Pics Say About Austin Men —— I’m a single guy in Austin, which is why I’ve been using using Tinder, the wildly popular mobile dating app, for a few months now.When I came home to Austin after spending two months traveling overseas, it occurred to me that the women of this city are unlike ladies anywhere else in the world. What's the craziest hookup you've ever had? Out of the three boys, there's one that I really enjoy having sex with. So maybe, like, if I could splice them all together in some sort of way, I'd have the perfect man. In some cities where I’ve used Tinder, a high percentage of women indicate their social status with results from a popular personality test, usually the Myers-Briggs test. Only 8% of shared their Myers-Briggs results on their profiles.That’s probably good, because people don’t need to know if someone’s an introvert or extrovert before meeting, especially since those terms are wildly misunderstood.

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