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James is the Principal Euphonium of the Leyland Band and was formerly 2nd Euphonium with the Cory Band.

Graduating from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama with First Class Honours, James has performed all over Europe and Asia as a Euphonium Soloist.

In the second shipping UPS Express (free taken by Thomann) it worked after 2 days including customs clearance. One of the best if not the best euphonium on the market.

Quality is absolutely top (which was different before).

The euphonium is a valved instrument; nearly all current models are piston valved, though rotary valved models do exist.

Outside of Brass Bands (in the British tradition where the instrument plays in B♭ and in treble clef) the euphonium is a non-transposing instrument.

Mainly, but not exclusively, found in brass and wind ensembles, the euphonium's conical bore gives the instrument a very mellow tone in comparison to its counterpart baritone horn.

A 1950's 3 valve Besson detachable bell baritone, reverse view. Barcone baritone, in the shape of a Sousaphone, circa 1940. A 1900's silver plated Perfactone baritone, believed to be French ?

Production moved to Besson plant in Croxley Green (Watford) where Schreiber parts were briefly used (Schreiber and Besson were part of the same company).

After a very short spell using Schreiber parts, all Bessons were fully made in house at the 2 facilities and continue to. Mannufacturing moved to France (Courtois factory in Amboise) and Germany (B&S factory in Markneukirchen).

We think: This Besson STD701A-11 Tuba/ Euphonium Valve Spring is a high quality spare part that is suitable for Besson Euphoniums and Tubas.

An ideal replacement for your old, worn and mishapen Valve Springs!

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