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For many years, I didn’t date at all, partly because I wanted to be in God’s will, but mostly because I was terrified of relationships! Some of us thrive under strict rules, regulations and expectations; while others of us implode, rebel or feel paralyzed under the weight of the confinement.

All that to say is that there is no cookie-cutter answer for relationships.

Within that calling there is great freedom in relationships, but with great freedom, always comes great responsibility.

Whether courtship, dating or something else—may God give us the wisdom to pursue relationships however He has called us to—but always with wisdom, love and holiness.

What if you’re not ready to “kiss dating goodbye,” but you’re also sick and tired of how the world views relationships?

Christians need to stop pushing Courtship because there is another way to honor God with your life and with your dating relationships, and it’s found within the context of personal health, wisdom, balance, and good relationship choices.

Courtship can’t be the only way because it really comes down to pursuing relationships in the way that God calls us to, rather than simply in the way we’re told.

courtship needs to be more about what works for each individual, rather than forcing a one-size-fits-all approach upon everyone.Just by doing those simple things you are way ahead of the game.And now, to jump right into this question: should you wait until marriage to kiss?The pros found in the safety of zero physical intimacy before marriage are the potential cons of guilt, shame and awkwardness in sexuality after marriage.The pros of extremely involved family and friends in courtship are the potential cons of a lack of boundaries within marriage.As long as we stick to God’s principles and deal with one another in a God-honoring way, we have the freedom to pursue relationships in the way that works best for each of us.Because Courtship Has Its Cons, Too Sometimes courtship is presented as the “best way to do relationships,” but I don’t think that’s true.Debra is also the creator of the popular relationship advice blog, True Love, reaching millions of people with the message that healthy people make healthy relationships. And believe it or not, you can date with no regrets.Because It’s Not All or Nothing There’s a tendency to talk about dating like it’s the “bad” way to do relationships: casual sex, zero commitment, no boundaries; whereas courtship is the “better way”: definite commitment, marriage-focus and safe rules.

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