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Due to preparations of the building of the Depot Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and the future extensive renovation of our existing museum building, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen will be unable to lend works from 1 September 2017.New requests will be processed again from January 2020.To help you see once again that you’re beautiful and loveable and a woman who would deserves to be cherished. They look shiny and new, like they have been carved and polished with precision and intention.Not to mention, when you think about the qualities you want in a man, does someone like Chris Soules factor in?He’s bringing a few special insights to my exclusive bootcamp to help you understand what a successful man REALLY wants from a woman. If you want the love of a handsome, successful man, you need to figure out what he is looking for and I can’t think of a better way to find out than to ASK a man who is exactly the kind of guy you’re looking for.Here’s what you need to know: My dating bootcamp is one day.Do you want a man who is intelligent, successful, devoted to his family, beloved by his friends, funny, sensitive, athletic, hardworking, playful… Chris is all of this and more, and we get the exclusive opportunity to ask him what he’s looking for from a woman.The Bachelor didn’t share ALL of his secrets on TV.

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Don’t look back at the end of the year wishing you had taken that risk we talked about and failed. Here’s where we’re meeting so you can RSVP for your seat in our dating bootcamp event*: The Cheap Ticket Registration .00 (allows you in on the fun) Basic Registration: ) Available for this admission is a return date for makeover and photo shoot at our Exclusive Salon Sponsor, Robert Andrew.

I promise, I will share my secrets so you can #findtheone AND ensure that you never again settle for second best.

And next year, don’t forget to send me a picture from the honeymoon!

You’re ready to invest in big girl yoga pants and pints of Ben & Jerry’s so you don’t have to face the world of men again.(Hint…Based on his devotion to healthy living, I’m guessing Chris would advise against THIS) The Cheap Ticket Registration .00 (allows you in on the fun) Registration: 2nd day at our exclusive salon sponsor, Robert Andrew Salon & Spa, for this VIP admission level which includes makeover and shoot with a professional photographer.

If it was, we’d all be happily married, vacationing in St. And worse, sometimes you’re so miserable that you think about quitting dating all together.

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