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Hugh Grant is famous in the movies for his eyelid flutter whenever he screws something up.Research also shows that when we are nervous or troubled our blink rate increases, a phenomenon often seen with liars but also frequently seen with people under stress.Squinting or the narrowing of the eye orbits indicates, very accurately, discomfort, stress, anger, or issues.I have capitalized on this behavior in negotiations as opposing counsel read each paragraph out loud; we could see which articles in the document were going to be problematic by the squinting of the eyes at each truculent juncture.All we can learn from this is that the person is processing information, not that they are telling the truth or lying as some well intentioned but ill informed individuals would have you believe.

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Bill Clinton during his deposition showed a high blink rate at times in excess of 92 per minute, but again these were individuals under a lot of stress.

Often what is not spoken out loud is expressed exquisitely in the eyes.

In fact I was prompted to write this today as I was visiting a research colleague and her eyes, at a distance, told me something was wrong, her father had passed away.

While a mother’s eyes will reflect the hopelessness she may feel when her baby is hospitalized they conversely reveal the joy having found that the child is healthy and fine.

Few things reflect our emotions as well or as rapidly as the eyes.

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