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A wide selection of wedges is available to suit any angle beam application.

These probes are used for manual or automated inspection of 6.35 mm to 38 mm thick welds and the inspections of castings, forgings, pipes, tubes, and machined and structural components for cracks and welding defects.

Curved array probes are made with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel case and are guaranteed waterproof up to 1 m underwater.

The acoustic impedance of these probes matches water.

Also, the list is specific to programming (Apex/Visualforce), and does not address general object oriented programming concepts like encapsulation, etc.

The wedges for angle beam probes are available in standard refracted angles of 0°, 45°, 55°, and 60° in steel for angle-beam inspections from 30° to 70°, SW or LW.

They come with stainless steel screw receptacles providing a firm anchoring of probes to wedges.

Immersion probes are designed to be used with a water wedge or in an immersion tank when the test part is partially or wholly immersed.

They are longitudinal wave probes that can be set up for refracted shear-wave inspections using a Rexolite wedge.

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