Vybz kartel and gaza slim dating

“Yes I am engaged to somebody that you know the person but you don’t know him,” the dancehall diva told Winford.better known as Vybz Kartel, is a Jamaican musical artist, actor, record producer and entrepreneur.[Intro:] (1 ,2, 3) *Giggles* [Hook: Vybz Kartel] Gyal yuh likkle an cute enuh Cupid arrow mi ah shoot enuh All ah mi money ah fi yuh enuh So tell me gyal weh yuh wahh me do [Chorus: Gaza Slim] Mi wah, married an done, now married an done Married an done, now married an done Married an done, now married an done Put on di ring, I'll never give yuh bun (2x) [Verse 1: Vybz Kartel] Understand seh mi love cyan done Fi yuh high score, cyan neva drop a grung Wine up your body, from top to bottom Shake inna sprit like seh, God ah come Yuh want ah daughter, mi rather wah son Mi woulda spoil him mek him have fun Come mek we start ah family an done None ah we do no more run up an dun [Chorus] [Verse 2: Gaza Slim] Wedding bells in di air...

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Vanessa Bling, former known as Gaza Slim, is back on the dancehall scene and is off the market because the dancehall diva is engaged.

Speaking with Winford Williams on On Stage last week, Vanessa Bling cleared up some recent rumors that she and I-Octane are dating and also opened up about her engagement and some new music coming out.

There are also some new rumors claiming that Vybz Kartel sent Gaza Slim a message from behind bars about her relationship with I-Octane.

From the beginning to midst of his ongoing career, Kartel released a number of albums through the UK based label Greensleeves Records, such as 'Up 2 Di Time', 'More Up 2 Di Time', J.

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