Wont boot after updating bios

After installing WAIK, simply search for these files in the Windows installation drive to get them.Once you have these three files, copy them to WAIK Files folder that you have created in the above step.“Bootloop” is a very familiar term for smartphone users whatever OS they use, but it is definitely more familiar to Android phone users.

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Finally click Enter key again to start extracting the files. Once done, you will be asked to reboot your PC to continue the normal Windows 7 installation procedure.You can select the edition by entering the index number shown in the screen.For example, type “5” (without quote) and hit Enter key to select Ultimate edition.If you have a basic or advanced knowledge of Linux coding, you can develop a custom ROM or a modify a system file of your Android phone.Such openness has opened vistas for our great developers to cook ROMs, mods and hacks.Even though Windows recognizes and displays the USB hard drive in the installation screen, it doesn’t allow you install Windows on the same.When you attempt to install Windows 7 on external drive, you get “Windows cannot be installed to this disk” error.In the first screen, you will be asked to press Enter to continue.Step 5: Press Enter key to browse to the file present in the Windows Files folder.Please note that the installation procedure might be slower as you are installing Windows 7 to an external hard drive.Step 11: Once done with the installation, you are good to go.

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